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I am not a writer. But I made a blog page on my website just in case I have a thought to share...

It's been awhile...

A horrible way to start a blog post is when you start just typing without any prior thoughts or even the slightest idea of what you’re going to talk and slash or what you want to write about; so here it goes.

 It has been a crazy year for me so far, I quit my job at Intel, transitioned from being on the sales floor in best buy to an “Agent” at geeksquad, and then graduated high school. And the most crazy thing, to me, is that I started to think about future and the more I think about the more it seems impossible to predict or plan the future. It’s like when Peter (yes, me and Fringe references again) started to draw possible timelines.

This is when Peter Bishop stole the Observer technology and started seeing possible futures. The idea is that whatever small decision you make between variable X, Y, or Z and etc. creates another timeline path that might come to pass. That is why they named it "Possible Future."

But the close future, the one that is not that impossible to see and predict easier, looks good. The summer weather is nice (and yes, I’m still horrible with transitioning) but let’s face it, I live in Milwaukee which means it’ll be winter and snowing in about 10-12 weeks. Anyway, that was a bunch of random bulshit, factual but bulshit, that I just wanted to write just to see if it still feels good to blog and have it published. That is one nice thing about blogging that it doesn’t matter nobody reads it, all you want is emotional ventilation which you achieve just by pressing the keys, wow, weird. I think man mind was used to feel such when talking to one another but now just a keyboard does it? Whatever.

So that’s that, sorry I waisted a good 5 minutes of your time if you read this, but now that I see it still feels good to blog, I’m gonna start again.

I just hope I keep on writing.